Special Programs


Special Programs

Impact Jiu Jitsu offers a number of special programs, which go beyond our regular class offerings.

Professional Combative Training

Impact offers customized combative training for law enforcement and other professionals whose missions may require them to be in combative encounters (code4combat).

Self Defense

Self Defense classes at Impact Jiu Jitsu focus on handling threats in real-world situations. Participants learn strategies to surviving an attack and how to become more aware of their surroundings.

Accelerated Training Programs

Accelerated Training Programs run at Impact throughout the year. Upcoming ATP topics include Tournament Tactics and Blue Belt Curriculum.

Coaching University™

Coaching University™ is a program designed for those interested in exploring and pursuing the role of instructor. The course provides a hands-on study of the principles of coaching, physical training, teaching and group management.

Professional Combative Training

Improve your law enforcement effectiveness with Code 4 Concepts’ principle-based defensive tactics training.

Self Defense Training

Impact Jiu Jitsu’s self defense programs teach participants how to recognize possible threats, avoid vulnerable situations, develop safe habits, and present themselves as strong adversaries. Students learn skills to distance themselves from an attacker and how to effectively fight back.

For more information about upcoming seminars, please email Tracy Chapman.